Living Tantra 1

The aim of Living Tantra is to give you a space where you can learn and grow into celebrating your natural, healthy sexuality with ease, playfulness, tenderness, consciousness, integrity and joy. 

Living Tantra is for people who want to experience richer relationships, deeper intimacy and more authentic connection with others. Living Tantra is a carefully structured seven day residential workshop which includes guided meditations, explorations in small groups and sharing circles. Many of these explorations involve dance and touch, two simple actions which can encourage all that is within to be held with consciousness and compassion. You will also be introduced to ritual and ceremony, to breath work and the body's natural sources of energy. This workshop invites participants into expansion of the heart, mind and body. 

The workshop will focus on the ways that we love, relate and express our sexuality as man or woman. It aims to open participants to a deeper 'yes' to all that they are. In the process, you will discover the potential for ease, delight, playfulness and consciousness. You will meet others in a caring and respectful environment and you will be encouraged to awaken a more spiritual connection with your sexuality. You will learn to discover your desires and how to express them openly, with care and respect. You will learn to love and honour yourself and your sexual nature as a man or woman and to celebrate your sensitivity, sensuality and innocence. Throughout Living Tantra your willingness to be alive and present with your core emotions is always encouraged. Explorations that focus on discovering and expressing your personal boundaries are an integral part of Living Tantra.

The Living Tantra series of workshops can either be taken individually or as part of an extended training course of personal growth. The benefits you can get from this workshop are:

  • A sense of ease in your male/female body

  • Increased self-confidence

  • Renewed vitality

  • A way of growing and healing your sexuality

  • A consciousness and connection with spirit

  • Learning to communicate your boundaries, desires and needs

  • Moving towards rich, pleasurable relationships and heart-centred sexual relationships

  • Experiencing yourself as a vibrantly alive man or woman

  • Learning that you are strong enough to hold all you feel

  • Allowing yourself to be tender and vulnerable

  • Living with passion and love

Living Tantra gives your permission to enjoy pleasure. It also gives you the permission to say 'no'. The workshop invites you to connect with truth and love, to discover and integrate your masculine and feminine selves. This workshop will bring new experiences, new practices and ideas and a greater clarity of thought to anyone consciously seeing personal growth in this area of the human psyche - sexuality. Allow your spirit to connect with your body, give yourself a truly holistic experience which can set the tone and pace of your future sexual self! 

Feel free to contact Ed or Bethan to find out more.







“For me Living Tantra has been a total revelation. It is a beautiful synthesis of personal reflection, healing, development and most importantly integration. I have become re acquainted with neglected aspects of self and discovered new characters. It has enabled me to see both my masculine and feminine and undertake a journey of maturation into becoming so that I can be fully me and be available for myself and others.  Working often with a wonderful variety of other participants offers ample opportunities for feedback, reflection, insight and most importantly the opportunity to reintegrate the growing self in relating with others.”  Male 59

I can truly say that nothing has accelerated my development faster than this work. For me, it has been an experience of becoming more truthfully myself. I am now better able to be around people (after years of social anxiety and discomfort). I can now set boundaries, I’ve learnt more about what love is, love for myself and love for others. I am better able to stick around for it rather than run in the opposite direction!" - Jemma

Living Tantra revolutionised the way I relate to women: I feel a whole lot more solid and confident, and intimacy got way deeper as well as more playful and pleasurable.But the deepest changes were in how I relate to myself.There were things I was doing in all of my life that Iwasn't even aware of, even after years of meditation,therapy, men's work and tantra.” (male D.R.)

The Living Tantra Training

Living Tantra is a series of sexuality and intimacy workshops that begins with Living Tantra 1. It offers an opportunity to explore more deeply into the realms of ecstatic loving, sexual intimacy and sacred union so that you can learn to have healthy, satisfying relationships. 

Because of the nature of this work, a pre-requisite for the Living Tantra course is the foundational workshop, Living Tantra 1. When you have completed the full 7 days of Living Tantra 1, you can participate in any of the other Living Tantra workshops and you can also join the 18 month Living Tantra Training group if you wish. 

For more about Living Tantra see; janday.com

3rd - 10th October 2020


I can truly say that nothing has accelerated my development faster than this work." - Jemma

“For me Living Tantra has been a total revelation. It is a beautiful synthesis of personal reflection, healing, development and most importantly integration. Ed and Bethan are both wonderfully qualified and gifted trainers…. They have the ability to reflect back with gentle yet profound honesty what they experience and witness to offer insight and guidance when it is needed most. “” Male 59

“Living Tantra revolutionised the way I relate to women: I feel a whole lot more solid and confident, and intimacy got way deeper as well as more playful and pleasurable.”

Proudly innocent. Transformed back to a time beforealcohol. To a time before guilt and shame. To a time before sexual abuse. It's my body! And I'm beautiful! I love my body. I love me. I trust me. I honor me. And thus, I can love, trust and honor you.” (male K.N.)


Eden Rise, a beautiful retreat centre, just two miles from Totnes in south Devon, on the edge of Dartmoor. With a direct train connection to London - journey time less than three hours. www.edenrise.org

Accommodation Options
In standard dormitory accommodation or twin rooms. Upgrades available.


Start & Finish Times
Arrival Time on Saturday 3rd October: 5pm with dinner at 6pm, evening session at 7.30pm
Finish Time: 3pm Saturday 10th October


£785 Full Price

£695 Earlybird (until 28/07/20)

£645 Super Earlybird Price (08/06/20)

“Living Tantra put me in touch with a richer way of living on all levels, spiritual, emotional and sexual. The workshop structures felt safe and allowed me to work at my own pace. I was lucky enough to work with Ed and Bethan from the very beginning. They have been part of my Living Tantra journey from day one and I value their care, compassion and challenge.

Through Living Tantra I have been able to experience more of my own aliveness and this has rippled into my personal and professional lives. My relationships with friends and family have grown richer and I am a better mother and role model for my teenage daughter. The positive effects of this work have even reached my professional life where I am developing stronger relationships with colleagues and clients through clear communication and effective boundary setting, both skills I learnt through Living Tantra.” Michaela M.