Would you like to let go of reccurring patterns that hold you back from love & connection ?

Do you have ….

  • Limiting beliefs about your own value?

  • Low self confidence?

  • Shame about the way you are in relationship, intimacy & sexuality?

  • A habit of "choosing" partners who are really bad for you?

  • A lack of trust in your partner?

  • A fear of being seen for who you really are?

These patterns of relating can leave you feeling frustrated, helpless, deflated, fearful and sexually unfulfilled. Particularly when you are faced with the same issues again and again, regardless of who you are with, or your very efforts to do something differently.

At some point it may have become clear to you that you are creating these patterns. The good news is that, because you are creating these patterns, you can change them; you can create the relationship and intimacy that you want. However, in order to make these changes in yourself, you will need to discover the unconscious drives behind them.


I help people resolve the unconscious blocks that prevent them from creating the relationships and intimacy they long for.

I work with sensations in the body, the breath and image to help tune into the unconscious mind. Combining techniques from Hypnotherapy, Generative Coaching, Voice Dialogue and Shadow Work to gently guide you to open to the parts of yourself that are running your patterns and to the resources you need to transform them. Much of the work I do has been influenced by extensive training, assisting and supervision with renowned relationship expert Jan Day.

It’s important to remember that even the most self-destructive patterns make complete sense in the context in which we learnt them. They were perfectly normal human responses that kept us safe, but now keep us from what we most want. To change, we must notice them and feel safe enough to let go of them.

I offer a unique sensitivity and presence in the way I work which will allow us to discover the most subtle and vital unconscious parts that might otherwise be missed. I provide a solid, safe and relaxed space, as well as a capacity for emotional depth, so that all parts of you feel welcome.


My sessions focus on moving towards what you want, rather than what has been missing. In addition to transforming unconscious obstacles, there tends to be a lot of joy, wonder and expansiveness. We go at your pace. I don’t offer advice or hold to a direction that I think is right. Instead, I offer a way to empower you to access your own insights & resources, to follow the wisdom of your own unconscious and to create the solutions which are right for you.

I care deeply about helping people to welcome home lost parts of themselves and reclaim their resources. The discovery of these most vulnerable and powerful aspects of yourself can be profoundly rewarding, enabling you to open to the innocence and joy of being completely yourself with the confidence to move into  relationship & intimacy with ease.

What to expect in a session

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"Ed very skilfully and sensitively guided me to the essence of myself, to what is most important for me, to my deepest wisdom, and to the resources I need to draw upon to create what I really want… It has inspired deeper trust in myself with a particular issue and I now have a grounded plan for moving forward that I’m putting into practice.” , N.W., Brighton.

"Ed helped me work on what turned out to be exactly what was needed to get to the underlying cause of my issue, even though I wasn't aware of it... I now feel a real sense of inner strength and of trust that everything is possible, and that I have the power to make it happen. This is such a precious gift. ", J.S., Bristol

“Ed is a gifted and heartfelt man who creates a profound sense of safety and holding when he works with you. It is clear from the moment a session begins that he is willing to support you in every way necessary and also demonstrates remarkable intuition and empathy. Because of this I felt able to go much deeper into my emotional landscape than I had anticipated. The rewards were therefore more impactful and I connected to a part of myself that I had buried very deep within. A session itself, guided by Ed, feels respectful and emotionally intimate. I thoroughly recommend this work for anyone seeking to understand themselves more deeply.”, B.P., Trowbridge.