Would you like a deeper connection with yourself and those around you? 


I offer one-on-one coaching and a range of workshops focused on creating greater connection; both with those around you and with the unique being that you are. 

I am committed to creating safe and relaxed spaces where people can discover the most vulnerable and powerful aspects of themselves.

I work with a combination of techniques from Hypnotherapy, Generative Coaching and Shadow Work, to gently guide you to open to the parts of yourself that are running your patterns and the resources you need to transform them.

I offer a unique sensitivity and presence in the way I work that will allow us to rediscover the most subtle and vital parts of your unconscious, which might otherwise be missed; Allowing you to open to the joy and innocence of being completely yourself, with the confidence to move into relationship and intimacy with ease.

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"The results from my sessions with Ed rippled out to make noticeable changes in my life. I feel like a weight has been lifted and another part of me has been brought to light." V. M. Bristol


"...It was like my heart kept breaking open into deeper and deeper layers of myself." W.A. London


"Ed has a level of empathy and integrity that is very rare. He can pick up on the slightest change in my energy and explore it in a way that feels comfortable, yet also challenge me at the times when I need it. His sessions are conducted with compassion, grace, gentleness, humour and passion. I felt so held and deeply understood that I was comfortable in exploring and expressing the parts of me that can sometimes be difficult to experience.” Anonymous