Integrating The Warrior Within

A Residential Workshop For Men

Embody Your Masculine Power, Take Control Of Your Warrior and Become More Of The Man You Want To Be

Join us on this residential weekend for men and make an ally of your Warrior. Bring him under your control and explore his vitality as you integrate the gold that lies within his clean male power.Emotional Process Work Weekend For Men

The Warrior within you is waiting for you to fully embrace him and accept him into your Kingdom. He is eager for you to integrate his power so that it becomes one of your greatest allies in the world.

Your Warrior energy is the essence of who you are as a man. It drives the part of you which goes out into the world and gets sh*t done. It enacts the King’s orders, allows you to continue working on your mission, puts good boundaries in place around your friends and family, lets you be assertive in the world, and underpins your right to exist exactly as you are.

Your Warrior energy is the source of your male power, assertiveness, anger, boundaries, attractiveness to women, and your ability to impact the world and make a difference. It is also the foundation of an inner certainty that you have a right to occupy the very space in which you stand.

This is the archetypal energy each man must fully integrate before he can completely embrace his masculinity and his maleness.

If your life is short on action, you feel you have less presence, power and influence in the world than you would like, that you don’t know the real meaning of masculinity, or that somehow there is simply something missing from your Warrior’s skillset, perhaps this is your time…. the time to give full expression to this primal archetype of power and potency waiting inside of you.

“ I managed to shift and release a massive dark force that I've been holding deep inside. It was amazing to physically and mentally do this process work on myself and also learn and resonate with the other men's personal work. I came away from the weekend with a feeling of accomplishment, purpose, gratefulness and love. – W.S.

Rod and Ed are both amazing facilitators and teachers. Even at the age of 69, this was a transformative experience for me. It was a privilege to spend time in a group of fifteen men who were all committed to facing their Shadows and to bringing creative energy into their sovereign archetype. At last men are doing the work that we need to do to free ourselves and to heal the wounds of our childhoods. The benefits of this work will spread beyond the men directly involved to the other men, women and children. Rod and Ed both show commitment to this work in every part of their being and in every detail of their practice before, during and after the workshop. It is clear that this work is central to their purpose in life. I am sitting in my sovereign energy and in deep gratitude.  - J.W

Friday 5th – Sunday 7th July 2019

At East Down Retreat Centre, near Exeter:


I feel very honoured to have witnessed and been a part of your skilful facilitation and to have felt your evident love for helping men to heal themselves.  I'm already enjoying living with a somewhat changed self even in these first few days as a result of grieving for something I never fully realised I had lost. Thank you for taking the time and providing a space for this .”,  D.J.


The East Down Centre

We have accommodation for 12 men which will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.

The cost is on a sliding scale according to income and ability to pay. We invite you to assess which payment is appropriate for you at this time:

Low tier £375

Medium tier £445

High tier £495.

A limited number of bursaries are available & payment plans can be arranged.