Emotional Process Work Weekend For Men

Emotional Process Workshops Allow You To Explore Your Shadow, Find Your Emotional Wounds and Heal Them.

To Become The Man You Were Always Meant To Be

Are you looking for better relationships, more harmony, less stress, greater clarity, and more personal power?

Want a safe place to do more work on yourself?

This workshop will allow you to explore all your archetypal energies and heal emotional wounds from the past. With group process, sharing circles, teaching about the archetypes and an extended session of deep personal work for all participants, this is an opportunity to dive deep into your shadows.

With our support, you can find ways to rebalance and heal the energies which may be causing you problems in your life today. This way, you can move forward more fully in your power and potency as a man, with less fear, more strength, greater courage and strong and purposeful leadership in your own life.

Something shifted for me over the weekend and I feel different. Perhaps this is because I now know what I didn't before - that deep down, in my core, I am loved and I am lovable. It seems my process has done something to move or lift or unlock the part of me that was perhaps blocking this deep knowing”. - S.C.

“I had no idea what I was going to work on till my turn came around and then it appeared. During the process that followed I was able to let go thirty five years of pent up feelings around a significant event in my life which removed a huge burden that I had been unconsciously carrying. I only became aware later that I had also reclaimed positive beliefs of myself which unconsciously had been denying the validity of part of my life.  I viewed what happened as a deep healing and what I want to do now is to dance around my new-found self and feel confident to leave the future to unfold itself joyously! I am thrilled with the workshop and praise myself for the trust that was necessary for me to go for it!!”, Chris Beazley

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Saturday 16th & Sunday 16th November


Dorset Wharf, London.

I feel very honoured to have witnessed and been a part of your skilful facilitation and to have felt your evident love for helping men to heal themselves.  I'm already enjoying living with a somewhat changed self even in these first few days as a result of grieving for something I never fully realised I had lost. Thank you for taking the time and providing a space for this .”,  D.J.


Dorset Wharf, Hammersmith, London

This weekend is non-residential - you are responsible for your own accommodation and lunches. We will provide tea, coffee and snacks through the weekend and afternoon tea on Saturday. 

Payment is on a sliding scale according to income and ability to pay. A We invite you to assess which payment is appropriate for you at this time:

  • low tier £250

  • medium tier £300

  • high tier £450


“ I managed to shift and release a massive dark force that I've been holding deep inside. It was amazing to physically and mentally do this process work on myself and also learn and resonate with the other men's personal work. I came away from the weekend with a feeling of accomplishment, purpose, gratefulness and love. – W.S.