How I work

Often reoccurring patterns in the way we relate can be deeply unconscious which makes it very difficult to consciously create the changes you want even with the most wilful intentions. I use techniques from Hypnotherapy, Generative Coaching and Shadow Work because they offer a safe and effective way to work with unconscious patterns.

We unconsciously move through different ‘trance’ states all of the time; getting lost in a good book, zoning out in front of the TV, driving a car or walking peacefully in the countryside are all activities where our state of consciousness naturally shifts. But not all of the states of consciousness that we naturally move through are conducive for creating what we want in our relationships, some unconsciously produce the very patterns and symptoms we would like to avoid.

In order to create change it is then necessary to work with parts of us that we are not consciously aware of, to notice the 'trances' we go into and to discover resources to develop a new state of consciousness that can generate the changes you want.

I don't work with set inductions or techniques to ‘induce’ any particular trance in a client it, I work with whatever unconscious patterns & resources a client brings, to discover a unique trance appropriate for them. 

Working with a relaxed and centred state of awareness offers a solid and safe basis from which we can begin to open to the parts of you which are in shadow; beyond your normal conscious perception. And to make space to feel all the emotions that come with them.  It is through the welcoming and integration of these parts that profound changes in your unconscious patterns of relating can occur.

Working in this way has the added bonus that it allows you to get to know unconscious parts of yourself better, to discover wonderful resources and qualities that you had forgotten were part of you.

When, in this way, you access a state that is more integrated your own solutions and ways to move forward naturally unfold. Giving you the freedom to move into relationships and intimacy in your own natural way.


"Ed helped me work on what turned out to be exactly what was needed to get to the underlying cause of my issue, even though I wasn't aware of it... I now feel a real sense of inner strength and of trust that everything is possible, and that I have the power to make it happen. This is such a precious gift. ", J.S., Bristol


Art work produced by a client to represent the transformation they experienced during a session

Art work produced by a client to represent the transformation they experienced during a session

"The way Ed connects and acknowledges my body, my feelings and my words always feels very good and reassuring. From our first session I was already able to access very deep places inside of me, where I felt clear and resourced enough to visit my blocks", R.R., Street